Hi! I'm Patrik Nikolić.

Welcome to my professional webpage.


I am a Master of Medicinal Chemistry and Alumni of Department of Biotechnology, University of Rijeka. I have a strong interest for scientific research related to novel drug design, enzymology and epigenetics.

Current position

Currently, I am employed in a London-based pharmacovigilance company, PrimeVigilance Ltd. as a pharmacovigilance associate.

Area of expertise

I have been trained in the field of enzymology, medicinal chemistry and biophysics. My area of expertise includes:

In silico study of structure and function of biomolecules

In silico design of novel inhibitors

In vitro enzyme assays to measure Michalis-Menten kinetics

In vivo cell-based assays in measurements of dose-response curves


I have been a part of several projects, both in area of academic research and in private, industrial contracts. These projects are:

Development of novel DNA methyltransferase 1 inhibitors


Development of mechanism-based inhibitors of mammalian/human DNA methyltransferase with IC50 values below 50 nM. The most successful inhibitors will be used for control of functional organization of mammalian genome in research laboratories, biomedical technology, and ultimately in clinics for treatment of pathogenic mechanisms related to epigenetic processes (i.e. tissue regeneration, viral infections, immunological disorders, oncogenesis, pshychiatric and neurological disorders. Read more.

In vitro enzyme activity measurement assays

Characterization of novel drugs for private American pharmaceutical companies. Tests were conducted using mostly UV-visible spectroscopy. Those drugs - novel statins - are currently in the process of patenting.

In vivo cell-based assays for gamma-secretase modulators

I am a part of the project of the development of novel bivalent mechanism-based inhibitors of membrane-embedded protease γ-secretase. This project is done in colaboration with two small private American pharmaceutical companies. More information about this project is available at BioSFLab website. In this project, I gave assistance in cell-based assays for γ-secretase modulators in HeLa and SYSH5 cell cultures in measurements of biphasic dose-response curves.

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